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Thanks for considering New Years Bowling 2018-2019!!

New Years Cosmic Bowling is a yearly event we do on New Years. We have two events! One will be on New Years Eve from 7pm-9pm. The second event is from 11pm to 1am. During the 11pm-1am event, there are free hot dogs, hats, and refreshments, and more available to everybody.

Admission to both events are $10/person in the building 

We offer many unique experiences every year during this event!

Lane Reserving is required, and is on a first-come first-serve basis. All parties must be paid in full by 1 week prior to the event to ensure your spot. Please call multiple weeks ahead to ensure availability!

​Call us for more information! (724) 628 1255

Want to reserve a party? You're in the right place!

​Yough Lanes can cater to any event, regardless if it's a birthday party, work party, or any other types!

Party rates are $35/ea lane for the first two lanes, and $30/ea lane for additional lanes. (You MUST have a minimum of two lanes)
Each lane can hold up to five people.

During parties, you're allowed to bring your own food and drinks (Please do not bring any alcohol or ice cream)

Yough Lanes Parties include...
  • Unlimited bowling during the duration of the party
  • Free shoes for everyone
  • Kid-friendly music played over the speakers (if requested)
  • ​And more!